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What is moxilla?

SusanOnce upon a time I read Harold and the Purple Crayon.
I was inspired. My whole world has been all things visual from the study of Architecture, and Fine Art to Graphic Design, I have my mojo. Moxilla is a word I made up (before there was a moZilla). If you want to know the definition of the word, contact me.
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  • "Susan is a terrific designer. She is endlessly creative but is totally open to directional feedback Susie helped me design and layout several editions of my corporate newsletter as well as many editions of a quarterly seasonal product guide. She is focused, efficient and always met my deadlines. She is also flexible and totally able to shift directions at the drop of a hat. Best of all, Susan is a delightful person to be around - her passion and energy is infectious! I would recommend her to anyone."
    Amy Hansell, worked with Susan Holstein at Levi Strauss & Co.

  • Susan was one of my first hires at FirstJob and played an instrumental role in bringing my vision to a reality. I had initially hired her on contract but soon offered her a full time role as Lead Designer, given the talent, hard work and passion she brought on a daily basis.
    As our Lead Designer, she led our creative efforts, driving the direction for all user interface design (both web and mobile), as well as the company’s branding and marketing campaigns. At a startup, everyone wears multiple hats but Susan wore more than most. Beyond web and mobile design, Susan designed all of FirstJob’s sales, marketing, fundraising and branding collateral, designed and developed HTML emails, ran our Pinterest and Tumbler accounts, conducted outreach to universities, hosted tables at career fairs and led many of our research initiatives. Susan always amazed me with her technical knowhow, having expert knowledge and experience with most (if not all) design programs including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Visio and more. Susan was one of the hardest-working, most talented people on my team and brought a great attitude and sense of humor to the office every day.
    We will always miss her design skills, but the way she made everyone laugh and brightened all of our days made her an irreplaceable part of the FirstJob Family. I highly recommend hiring Susan, knowing first-hand the value and contribution she would bring to any team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as a reference. I’d be happy to provide more insight into my experience as Susan’s manager and direct report for over 2 years.
    Eyal Grayevsky
    CEO & Founder at FirstJob, Inc.

  • The owner and I like what you did. …we have a lot of work that is in need of a designer's touch and you nailed this one!
    —Mike M, worked with Susan Holstein at GoTeq

  • Susan designed a font especially for my business!

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    Amy Hansell -

    Marketing Specialist Coordinator
  • Eyal Grayevsky

    Eyal Grayevsky

    CEO & Founder at FirstJob, Inc.
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    Mike M. - GoTeq

    Project Mgr.
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    Monty Monteith

    Business Owner
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